Features to Improve Your DTC Business

Easily Manage Data from Multiple Channels, Wine Clubs, Inventory and Customer Types

DTC Overview

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly reports Online, by Email, Excel, Powerpoint and more. Reports include: Sales and Quantities by SKU, Sales by Channel, Sales Associate Overview, Wine Average Order Value, Wine Club Sign-ups, Number of Tasters, and more.

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Tasting Room

20+ Industry Standard Reports and KPIs to Analyze and Improve Sales. Reports include: Wine Club sign-ups, sales comparison for each Tasting Room, number of tasters, sales vs. previous month and year, Average Order Value and more.

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Wine Club

VinDashboard makes evaluating many categories of Wine Clubs, managing Club shipment inventory, and tracking Tasting Room staff results easy and automatic.

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Tracking marketing initiatives that result in online sales can be difficult. VinDashboard makes it easy to see who is buying, what sku they are buying, and what marketing campaign led to the sale.

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Discover which Events are the most successful and gain insights into the types of customers to target to increase Event revenue.

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