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Words from Happy Customers

Alpha Omega
I am so excited by the potential applications of VinDashboard despite only scratching the surface of the capabilities. The ability to seamlessly transition from a birds-eye to a granular bottle by bottle view of multiple facets of our operation allows us to make real-time data-driven decisions while allowing our team to remain on the floor engaged with clients and moving wine.
Robert Breedlove   Alpha Omega
Tolosa Winery
VinDashboard has been an invaluable tool since I started using it. I can easily pull reports and sort through data to get exactly what I’m looking for. As the Estate Manager for Tolosa Winery, I rely heavily on the KPI reports to monitor our business across the various experiences we offer here at the winery.
Michael Giese, CSW   Tolosa Winery
Niven Family Wine Estates
I am excited about VinDashboard. I used to spend 3-4 hours per month dumping data into Excel pivot tables, now my monthly reporting takes 5 minutes. Also, I get a daily report of TR performance delivered to my inbox first thing every morning. And I haven’t really scratched the surface of VinDashboard yet!
Karl Boone   Niven Family Wine Estates
Tolosa Winery
As the Director of Wine Clubs at Tolosa Winery, I also oversee inventory. Prior to using VinDashboard, weekly reporting was a tedious task, and required countless data filtering to track club performance and inventory depletions. I have found this platform to be a valued tool and solution to more efficient reporting.
Brittney O'Brien   Tolosa Winery
Tolosa Winery
I love the ability to track individual performance and then to use that as a tool for employee development. Aside from the ability to dive deep into datasets, just having a quick top line snapshot of the overall health and performance of the Tasting Room is incredibly useful! By far the biggest benefit to this platform is how much time it will save you!
Michael Giese, CSW   Tolosa Winery
Niven Family Wine Estates
The Philosopher, Sir Francis Bacon, once said “Knowledge is Power”. This is what I think of to describe VinDashboard. Finally, a platform that understands the importance of getting data to your team quicker so they can run the business without having to be a ten-key expert. This is definitely a tool that can help improve your margins.
Bruce Brassfield   Niven Family Wine Estates
Tolosa Winery
The Inventory Reports, specifically ‘Orders Paid –still in inventory’ very helpful in reconciling club will-call inventories. The Wine Club ‘Trend Analysis’ reports have been useful in providing snapshots of club behavior showing tenure, attrition rates, acquisition rates and most importantly Lifetime Value. Thanks to the VinDashboard Platform, I can now access data effectively, helping me implement club retention and inventory management strategies.
Brittney O'Brien   Tolosa Winery